Los Pepe's

Hours: 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.          Price: $$          Group Size: 2 to 8

Los Pepe's is a Mexican Restaurant with good food and excellent service. The varied menu is a big part of the restaurant's success, along with the relaxing bar. The restaurant also does catering for any party size. 


Some of the available foods here include:
  • Bean Nachos Supreme
  • Chicken Ranchero
  • The Chalupa Burger
  • Chimichanga Dinner
  • Taco Salad
  • Pepe's Trio
  • and more!

Your Hosts

Los Pepe's was founded in 1987 by Jose and Herminia Mancha, who worked for 20 years to save up for their restaurant. Erick Mancha took over in 1999, and then Carlos Zamora joined as a manager in 2015. No matter who is running the restaurant, the place produces good food and is dedicated to fantastic customer service.   


Owner and staff work very hard to make every visit enjoyable. This, hands down, the best Mexican food in town!
Yuza Bigman from Google Reviews
The food is really good here and they give you fairly large portions. The staff is friendly and courteous. The waitstaff checks on your needs frequently and is always working with a smile.
Jason Graschel from Google Reviews
Fun restaurant and bar. Lucky to have found it. A chance to savor the Mexican fare found in Texas. Very different from California or New Mexico. Carnitas tacos for me and enchiladas suisas for my husband. Muy sabrosa! A great reintroduction!
Polarbear95404 from TripAdvisor